Mystery of the sailing stones of the Death valley area of California

33. california

This place in California has mainly attracted the attention of the people because in this desert region stones have been found to make their ways automatically. The reason for this mysterious happening is still not clear. But according to some geologists this movement may be due to the melting of ice that is formed around these sailing stones. But still any relevant explanation has not been found. This mysterious place has now become an attractive tourist spot of USA. Another explanation that is also revolving is the wind speed but given the stone size it is impossible.

Nothing but the truth: #6 Atlantis


The secret behind the city of Atlantis still remains unsolved. This legendary subcontinent is known to be one of the most advanced cities in history. Atlantis has disappeared ages back and it has left its footprints in books. It had first appeared in some dialogues that were written by Plato in the year 330BC. In present times Atlantis is known to be modern Utopia but there are facts mentioned in the books that make it look different from the present times.

In the year Ken Fedder had summarized few lines beautifully to describe Atlantis. He said that Atlantis was morally bankrupt and technologically sophisticated. You need to have a deep understanding of history and read more through the books written by experts to get a thorough idea of the presence of this city. Having an in-depth knowledge helps in solving various mysteries. Just like earning through online programs, you need to make a proper research and then apply to the MLM programs. You can go through this link or click here to know more about MLM programs and apply to a good one.

Atlantis had been a lost city for past two millennia and it only surfaced in the books as an ancient lost city. Even today the historians have been making their own speculations and no one is sure about their arguments. Without proper knowledge and a through research it becomes difficult to back your ideas. One of the famous books that mentions this city is “The mystery of Atlantis” written by Berlitz. It gives you a better idea but the information is still unverifiable. People still believe that there is some truth behind the myths surrounding the city. Perhaps a deep exploration might help people out and give them a better picture on Atlantis.

Nothing but the truth: #5 Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

You might have heard about the Bermuda triangle that is also known by the name “Devil’s Triangle.” There have been countless incidents of disappearing planes and boats in this route. Though it is one of the busiest routes for vessels around the world what could have been the reason for these mysterious incidents. Was it any kind of human glitch or is it some kind of paranormal activity taking place specifically in this region.

The first incident that occurred in this region was in the year 1950 when flight 19 disappeared due to some unnatural reasons. Various navy officials also said that these planes flew off to Mars. But documented evidences say that most of the incidents had been inaccurately reported and these incidents are spurious. Over a period of time researchers studied various facts related to these cases and said that there was nothing unnatural about this region and all the incidents had been greatly embellished. Over a period of time Bermuda triangle was removed from the list of top dangerous routes for shipping and skeptics say that all the previous reports were faulty reasoning and just sensationalism.



Nothing but the truth: #4 Rongorongo


Situated on the Easter Islands, Rongorongo consists of inscriptions on a collection of glyphs. For the past century several researchers have tried to decipher the scripts written on them, but all the attempts have been unsuccessful. The first report that mentions about these glyphs had been generated after Eugene Eyraud landed on this island in the year 1864. Some people felt it symbolizes genealogical information while some thought it represented specific dates.

These inscriptions are centered around wooden and stone carvings that are hard to understand. It has been a challenge for the researchers to understand the hidden meanings of these letters. These glyphs are present in a form of artifact, animal, plant and human structures. The texts present in them go through alternating directions in reverse boustrophedon system. Most of the glyphs had been destroyed over the years and the government took steps to preserve them in the museum. Researchers also believe that some of the scripts had been written on small shark teeth, and banana leaves but none of the samples survive in today’s date.

Some of the notable features of these glyphs are their writing media, direction of writing and 120 different symbols used in writing these scripts. Till date this is one of the most amusing discoveries that have not been de-coded by any of the historian. Barthel’s three digit codes have been the closest reference that provided some light on these glyphs. He has set a comprehensive standard in three digit numeric form assigned to each and every structure. Barthel gave different variations to these glyphs through the allography system. He had assigned 600 numeric codes and variants were specified through alphabetic suffixes.

The body has been categorized through hundreds between the digits 0 to 7. 0 and 1 are placed for figures without heads while 5 was the number for figures with miscellaneous heads. The number 2 was used for ears while 3 and 4 were the numbers for figures that had open mouth. Figures with beaks were numbered 6 and for arthropods, fish etc. he used the number 7. The use of numeric forms were seen to be the best option as it had been really difficult to come out with a specific solution for any of the script written on figures with various structures. There are still various questions that stay unanswered and huge amount of researchers have been working on it to find out the true meaning of these scripts.



Nothing but the truth: #3 Stonehenge

Moving on to mystery #3!

Stonehenge is a really big classic monument based in Wiltshire, England. It is one of the most well known sites in the world, and is literally nothing more than a circle of stones. If you think that’s weird, the mystery isn’t really how they made it, but rather why. Archaeologists believe that it was build over 4000 years ago, with multiple theories constituting where and when it was built. Stonehenge remains one of the 7 Ancient Wonders Of The World, a prestige not matched by many things.

Stonehenge was produced by a weird culture that left no explanations or writings. This doesn’t help our modern day explorers from trying to figure out where or why it exists! There are many theories surrounding it though, as usual. Some historians claim it was supernatural folktales (aka weird nonsense) in their explanations, some legends believe that Merlin had a large giant build structure that he transported from the weird islands.

Many archaeologists believe that the Stonehenge stones are an attempt to copy the local surroundings – and this is a possible explanation as well. Apparently from my research, there are people who argue that the stones are a kind of structure that worship the sun (possibly, paganism was huge back in the day so I guess it might be a proper thing to do).

The journey from wood to stone, was symbolic as well. There are plenty of reasons to believe that these things are possible, I mean, we cant interpret those classic lives back in the day very much, so who knows what is going through their minds when they built it?

Anyway, you should really check the place out! Tours to the UK in May are probably the best time to go. If you’re adventurous, go see all the other 7 wonders as well.


Nothing but the truth #2: Jack The Ripper

Today’s biggest mystery: Jack The Ripper.

Now I’m sure many of you have heard of the man, but did you know that Jack isn’t even his real name? Nobody has even heard of Jack the Ripper until his name was mentioned in a letter, believed to be a hoax anyway.

Attacks that were done by Jack the Ripper (or J.R as I affectionately call him) typically involved working girls, who lived and worked in around the London areas. Their throats were cut and their abdominals were mutilated hideously. This has led to suspicions that JR might have had medical or surgical knowledge. There are many rumours out there regarding the mystery, and till this date nobody knows if JR is a real person or not. This is a pretty freaky thing to be honest. Not many people understand who he is, and what he does. Mainly because he is such a brutal person, and due to media treatment of the events surrounding the cases, the cases, perhaps wrongly so were tied to a single person.

There have been many investigations into his case, however none have been proven so far. There is large newspaper coverage on his items, but there are investigations into a long and large series of brutal killings that cannot connect all the murders togethers. To this day, Ripper is something of a living legends, and have inspired many books. There are over hundreds of theories about the Ripper’s identity, if you care enough to figure it out.

You really should read up on this case! The perceptions surrounding the murders are so great, that they received unprecedented coverage in British media at the time. There were large rises in social tensions due to Jack’s work and abilities. It was scary living in Whitechapel, where the majority of the murders took place at the time.

Nothing but the truth #1: Taos Hum

Today we’ll be talking about the Taos Hum – one of the world’s biggest mysteries in my humble opinion!

The ‘Hum’, as local residents like to call it, is a phenomenon, or collection of sounds that involve low noises or humming that are not audible to everybody. This mystery is most commonly heard of in the Mexican town of Taos.

Scientists have been baffled for years, and have never solved the issue of how these noises are made. This is not to say that there aren’t theories out there about the issue already, it’s just that nobody has ever explained these issues ever. Strange, huh?

A study into Taos Hum indicates that a very low number of people can hear it – only about 2 percent! This raises a couple of problems. Maybe sometimes it’s traffic, or wind. However, those that can hear the hum can be quite disturbed by the fact, and has caused at least 3 suicides in the UK. This is a very surprising issue, and really needs to be solved.

A study into the Hum has produced many recording, however who is to say which ones are legit, and which ones are the result of some attention seeking fellow on the internet? The noise can be described as a distant diesel engine idling, or a low pitched sound that have obvious sources. However there are many things that surprise people about the hum.

According to David Baguley, he believed that people’s problems with the hum are sometimes due to overcompensation (looking for patterns when there are clearly none), and most of the time people make it up. His current research, involves using psychology and relaxation to minimise the distress, which to be completely honest with you can be even more distressing. Seriously.

If you want to know more about this weird phenomenon, you have to look up some of the videos out there on it: here’s one.