Everything to know about Education Verification Checks.

What are Education Verification Checks?

Education Verification Checks are like a background check for your school history. When you apply for a job, the company might contact the schools you said you went to. They do this to make sure you really got the degrees or certificates you said you did. This helps companies avoid hiring someone who isn’t truthful about their education. It’s an important step to make sure that everyone is being honest and that the right people get the job.

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How to run an Education Verification Check?

Running an EDU verification can be a complicated and time consuming task, luckily there are companies that specialize in doing these checks for you. They will go through all the steps necessary to complete the verification and provide you a complete assessment to the requestor.

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  • How to run an Education Verification Check?

    How to do a Education Verification? Doing an education background check might sound like a big task, but it’s quite straightforward. To help we have outlined the steps to complete an EDU verification. Conducting an education background check is a key part of the hiring process. It helps verify a candidate’s qualifications and ensures honesty…

  • What are Education Verification Checks?

    What are Education Verification Checks? An Education Verification Check is a process carried out by employers or organizations to make sure that the education details provided by an individual are true and correct. It’s like a background check, but specifically for a person’s schooling history. So, say someone applies for a job and they list…