Workers’ Compensation History Checks

Everything to know about Workers’ Compensation History Checks.

What are Workers’ Compensation History Checks?

Workers’ Compensation History Checks are background screenings that review a person’s history of workers’ compensation claims. These checks reveal past claim records, including the nature of each claim, the injury, and time off work. This information can help employers understand potential risks, especially in physically demanding roles. However, this check should be used with care to avoid discrimination.

How to run a Workers’ Compensation History Check Report?

Running a Workers’ Compensation History Check involves accessing workers’ compensation records, which are generally maintained by a state’s Workers’ Compensation Board or equivalent agency. After obtaining the necessary consent from the individual, you can request the records from the appropriate agency. Some states may require a formal application or even a fee to access these records. As these checks can reveal medical information, they are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and should only be conducted post-offer. Given the complexity and legal nuances of this process, many employers prefer to use third-party background check providers who understand the specific state laws and federal regulations involved.